(Legal Shit… with Marco D)

There’s nothing less glamorous than legal issues, nothing that disturbs the artistic process more than having to sign a contract… but this legal shit is 100% necessary. Every Elska boy signs a form that says we’re allowed to edit and publish their pics and he’s offered a copy of it. Most of the time however, shoots are pretty casual things, and 9 times out of 10, the guy doesn’t even want a copy. This casual attitude makes you want to not bother with the contracts, but it’s a mistake.

Marco D was a guy I met on Grindr in London. This was before Elska was born and we met more or less for fun, though I did say I would use the pics for my blog and maybe portfolio. There was no contract though.

Fast forward several months and he contacted me to ask that his nudes be taken down. If this had been for an Elska issue, I’d have been up against it since those pics were printed on paper, distributed throughout the world, and not something I could just delete. Still, I didn’t want to delete them – a few of them had a huge amount of likes, making quite a good Elska footprint, but since there was no contract I had no choice.

Lessons learned.

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