Cover Design Complete for Elska Magazine Issue (01) Lviv

coverelska01_V6_smallAfter  several incarnations of design and cover image choice, we have finally decided definitively on this cover for our first issue. And when I say definitively, I mean that we’ve sent the docs off to the printer.

We started with Sasha K. on the cover (the guy above), but a sexier, almost naked photo that was perhaps a bit too risqué for a cover. We then went to Semen M. standing in front of a shop with some very 80s looking mannequins behind him… but there was just something about his eyes that bothered me. Then briefly we had Taras D. on the cover (an image you’ll see inside on the inside front cover), but it’s low-fi aesthetic was a bit too edgy for the cover. We then went from a white background, to pink, to yellow, to a different shad of yellow, and finally blue. Each issue will have a different background colour.

What made us finally decide on this Sasha K. image for the cover? Well, it’s about that graffiti. It’s a bit controversial. ПТН ПНХ stands for something a bit rude and political, something that fits the mood of Ukraine today for a lot of Ukrainians. There’s an article about it on page 21. Pick up an issue today and read all about it, and see the photos that didn’t make the cover inside.

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