From Behind the Curtain… with Sasha M for Elska Magazine


So my assistant and I were sat around waiting for a guy called Artem to arrive, but he kept delaying and delaying. So we went on grindr just to throw a few random messages around and see if there was some chance that someone would, without notice, meet up to do a shoot asap. We wrote to about six or seven guys, and Sasha M. was one of them.


He seemed to speak English fine online (thank you internet translators) but in person he hasn’t a clue, so once again I was very pleased to have a Ukrainian to help. Not that Sasha M. needed much direction… none of our “models” do. It was simply a case of telling him to undress slowly while I snapped away.


Sasha ended up getting shy at the last minute when faces with the reality of having his cock on camera, so he went behind the curtain to remove his pants.


And then he pulled back the curtain but kept his shyness…


…so we gave him a pillow.


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