Ukrainian Blue from American Apparel… with Oleg B for Elska Magazine Issue (01)

Blog Title: Ukrainian Blue from American Apparel

Elska Boy: Oleg B

From: Elska Magazine Issue (01) Lviv Ukraine

Oleg B in American Apparel

So there was a bit of inauthenticity in this shoot. Though I like to do Elska shoots with the boys wearing their own clothes, I did make an exception for our shoot with Oleg in Lviv. I was in the American Apparel off Carnaby Street in London, rummaging through the bargain bin and saw these briefs in Ukrainian blue. OK, they’re actually a bit darker than Ukrainian flag blue…


… but I have a thing for American Apparel briefs. Kind of almost to a festishistic level.

So there we were by Yunist Stadium. To avoid being spotted, we found a big banner on one side of a fence and Andriy blocked with the reflector on the other side of Oleg as he stripped naked and squeezed into the briefs. There was a moment after when I wondered if I should, or could, ask for the underwear back. Hmmmm. But I let him keep them. I wonder if he ever wears them.

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