Looking for Madonna’s Ghosttown and a Monument to the Era of Stagnation… with Marko K for Elska Magazine

One of the songs playing constantly on my Elska Lviv Mixtape was Madonna’s “Ghosttown” and I knew I wanted to use it for our Lviv-set debut issue. Now I knew that Lviv never was the powerhouse of Ukrainian industry (that’s further East in places now heavily involved in Russian-back separatist wars like Donetsk), but every Soviet City was built on industry. And I wanted a setting that was a sort of monument to the era of stagnation.

i-elskamagazinelviv_markok-5Most often the stagnation’s cause is said to be a result of the “Star Wars”, that very costly arms race battle between the USSR and the USA. It was Reagan’s fault. If I’d had a can of spray paint, I might have been tempted to sketch a Reagan face on the walls of one of the abandoned factories where we chose to shoot Marko K. Not that I like Reagan, I’d have painted a Brezhnev too if I remembered what he looked like. Or maybe Gorbachev with his cranial birthmark.

Wait, I do know what Brezhnev looks like from that famous mural on the Berlin Wall…


Could I not superimpose Reagan’s face where Honecker’s is? Maybe next time in Lviv…

See more of the Marko K. shoot and more of Lviv in Elska Magazine Issue (01), available in select shops or online at www.elskamagazine.com

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