All the Kids Want to Boil His Bunny… with Rica Shay for Elska Magazine

There’s something about being on stage that is utterly sexy, no matter what it is you’re doing up there. You can be knitting socks and reading chapters from Ecclesiastes, and people will still be flooding their basements.

When I first saw Rica Shay, it was doing a rather avant garde (or just bizarre) rendition of Peaches’s “Mommy Complex”. He was writhing around alongside Ellen Degenerate, him the baby to her mommy. At one point there was a costume change to a pair of nappies, and later she was spanking him in black shorts.

You can, by the way, watch the video here: 


Nowadays Rica’s rather more polished, his new self-penned music especially, but his Peachy stage rant was enough to catch my attention and want to see more. The same can be said for the shoot I did of Rica Shay at my flat. He felt comfortable to rummage around my place, grabbing my pink stuffed bunny and a pair of my partner’s pink briefs. I could have followed him and his antics around for days. This guy is compelling.

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