He wants to sit beside you in your big chair… with Daniel Nuñez for Elska Magazine

I met Daniel outside his home in suburban San José, Costa Rica, and then we walked to a nearby sports park to do our shoot. On the way back he invited me inside to do a few more pics.

His place was charmingly ramshackle. The small house was extended at the back, then extended again, and then you had a garden shed at behind the garden that was big enough to be a room itself – indeed there was a chair and table inside for such a purpose.

Before we got shooting, he offered me tea and fresh mango. I suppose it wasn’t such an exotic offering, but it’s just one of those little things that reminds you that you’re not in England. And it’s these little cultural details that I love about foreign travel.

After tea and mango, my attention was drawn to a big chair. It looked like a grandpa recliner. Instantly I was hearing the creepy beats of the old Tears for Fears b-side “The Big Chair”, which contained sampled dialogue from the Sally Field multiple personality film Sybil. And so I asked Daniel to sit there and I shot while the tune played in my head.

“She wants to sit beside you in your big chair”, whimpers Sally as one of Sybil’s personalities. It was calling out to her as the safest place. And it called to me too, but I kept my distance. It wasn’t calling to me as I am today, but to some other Liam.

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Outtake of Edris Noori for Elska Magazine

Edris fixing his hair before the shoot…EdrisNoori-1

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Trying Not To Exclude… with Isaac D by Jono for Elska Magazine

Although the majority of the men pictured in each issue of Elska are from one particular city, we do always accept a couple of submissions from other photographers and artists around the world to introduce some other boys to the mix. When we first got this set of photos from LA photographer Jono, I was at first transfixed by the model Isaac Dawson’s stunningness, then by Jono’s beautiful composition, and then finally by a worry that Isaac was too fit for Elska.

But then I talked to Isaac (our conversation is included in the issue) and found that although he is a model, he is still a person with emotions, intellect and depth. While Elska is often lauded for its inclusion of “men who don’t look like porn stars”, we ultimately are for depicting all types of men, even those who do fit the current stereotype of male perfection. Many magazines do exclude, and to not include Isaac D would be exclusionary as well.

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Quick, before the glue sets… with Ramiro Lozano for Elska Magazine

I’ve always said that if I were rich I’d have fresh flowers at home all the time… but in Mexico City you don’t have to be rich. Flowers are cheap, even on a peso-based salary.

In the morning before my shoot with Ramiro Lozano, I went to Mexico City’s main flower market in the Jamaica district. I was amazed at its size, and the variety and affordability of flowers within. I bought roses, birds of paradise, plus plenty of flora that I didn’t know the names of. Later I shot Ramiro with these flowers walking around a residential neighbourhood just north of La Condesa. Saved for the end, and shot on the rooftop of my apartment, was a bag of rose petals I got for cheap at the market.


Sticking them to Ramiro’s body was a problem, and in retrospect I can think of loads of ways to do it without using glue… but alas on the day we used glue.

We carefully applied the petals and then shot as quick as possible before it would set too firmly. Then Ramiro went straight to the shower. I waited quite a while for him to come out, feeling more and more worried as each minute went by. Finally he came out and I could see bright red marks all over his chest from where he scrubbed to get the PVA off his skin. He didn’t complain at all though. “It was worth it”, he said. Good lad! What a professional!

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