Un coeur en plasticine qui bat comme un vrai… with Yberê B for Elska Magazine

The title of this shoot that I did with Yberê B. means ‘a plasticine heart that beats like a real one’, a line taken from Ariane Moffatt’s song “Hiver Mile-End”. It’s one of the list of things she mentions seeing in a shop window in the Mile-End neighbourhood of Montréal, one of my all time favourite cities.


From the shoot, this was one of my favourite images… the reflection of studio strobe lighting in his sunglasses is perhaps amateurish, but putting a positive spin on it, I’d say that it adds character to what could be a very standard beauty shot. The literal representation of the plasticine heart from the title is also its the most effective of all the things we did with plasticine for the shoot. Finally, his silver lamé shorts from American Apparel are hot but also a bit too big. It’s all a bit like we’re trying to achieve something that we just can’t, like a piece of plasticine trying to be a heart. It may beat like a real one, but real it will never be.

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