M&S Tighty Whities, a Map, and Some Pull and Bear… with Keith Kilcommons for Elska Magazine

A great aspect of shooting in London is that nobody gives a damn around here. You can walk around dressed like a total weirdo and no one bats an eyelid. So it’s an ideal place to get a guy to walk around outside in his underwear.

I met Keith at Stratford tube station, right in front oft he huge Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre. He needed a few tops, so I popped into Pull and Bear, my sort of high street guilty pleasure from back in the days when I lived in Warsaw; he also needed bottoms, so we got some plain white briefs from Marks and Spencer.


We left the mall and started walking along the edge of the Olympic Park, now officially prefixed with the title “Queen Elizabeth”… she’s not even died yet and already we’re naming everything after her. First Big Ben and now this!

Anyway, as expected, nobody really looked twice at Keith in his tighty whities, apart from a couple of white vans men who honked and hooted at him, in response to which Keith would strike a dudely pose such as curling a bicep or doing a strut. Someone likes a bit of attention, don’t they?!

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