The Romance of Occupational Health and Safety… with Taras D for Elska Magazine

I met Taras D near the Royal Arsenal building in Lviv. I don’t know how we deciced to shoot exactly – it was just one of those snowball things where friends of friends of acquaintances and strangers all get tangled up together. We had chatted on FB to explain what Elska was about, but we didn’t know much about each other.

It was raining by the time he arrived so I wasn’t in the best mood, and it was getting prematurely dark due to the clouds… but at least we were shooting indoors so the rain could be knocked off my list of potential photographic disasters.

Anyway, the second thing he said to me, after “hello” was “you don’t look like your profile pic”, and I felt really offended. “But I’m not disappointed”, he added, quickly lifting me in my mid-fall into depression. Maybe it’s a photographer thing, but i hate being in photos. I always hate how I look, and so it was true that my profile pic old. Indeed it was pre-beard and with a totally different hairstyle.


We took a long walk to the abandoned military mess hall where we would be shooting. When we arrived, the lighting was difficult for natural light photography, so I had to push up the ISO and go with a grainy look, which rather suited Taras to be honest. We climbed up the crumbled but still solid enough stairs to the top where there would be the most light. There the concrete floor was covered with scraps of paper, photographs, and old books and manuals like the one you see here (Охрана Труда – Occupational Health and Safety).

The light was gorgeous, and although we made a point before we met of attesting to our committed relationship statuses, the mood was very romantic. I even told him so (I have no filter for inappropriate comments) and he seemed to agree.

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