Elska to go to Afghanistan?… with Edris N for Elska Magazine

I shot this guy Edris N a few months back in London, and the picture below received the most instagram likes of any post I’d done before (you can follow us at www.instagram.com/elskamagazine). Yes he’s crazy handsome, but c’mon, he didn’t even have his shirt off!


People always ask where’s next for Elska. There is an element of me being deliberately tight-lipped at least until flights and such arrangements are made, but genuinely I don’t have a plan of where to shoot until a couple of months before. And genuinely I’m willing to go anywhere.

Edris N is by nationality Afghan, although he told me that he hadn’t been to Kabul since he was nine years old. And his longest enduring memory is that the doors to the car they took from the airport were so thickly armored that he wasn’t able to push them closed.

But would we really shoot in Afghanistan, even if the guys were even 1/10 as pretty as Edris? Probably not.

It’s not because I’m afraid to go there. I’m not really afraid to go anywhere. It’s more because I’m afraid of what could happen to the guys that I photograph. Certainly Elska isn’t likely to be on the shelves of a Kabul bookshop, but I can’t help what goes onto the internet, nor am I able to change a society that may not look too kindly on anyone involved in a magazine that has a mainly gay audience. So I’d love to do Elska Kabul, but I don’t think I can.

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