My First High School Shower Scene… with Tom Huet for Elska Magazine

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned high school shower intimidation. I thought I’d expand on it a bit and tell the story of my first experience of a communal shower, an experience that many kids dread for the whole summer before they start high school. I can remember a few weeks before the start of school, when we went in to choose our classes, that we talked about how much we were praying to get P.E. for last period specifically so we could go straight home without showering. Anywhere else in the schedule and it was mandatory and enforced (some P.E. teachers were known for standing and watching the guys while they washed).

portf_duarminhjalte-1-26i wasn’t so lucky with scheduling – gym class was 7th period for me, followed only by English for the 8th and final class of the day.  I remember that on the very first day of school, I found some way to stall so that I could get into the showers after everyone had finished. I can’t remember what I was doing but I managed to hide until I couldn’t hear water running anymore, and then I made my naked dash. Not even a second after I got under the head, I heard someone else come in, and it happened to be the biggest, most macho jock of the class.

He had a girl’s name, something like Leslie, but not that. Andrea? Dunno. But he was no girl. I was only barely 14, and the class was all Year 9 kids, though I wondered if this guy got held back a couple years ‘cos he was stockier than the rest of us, kind of hairy too, and had a huge dick that I couldn’t help stare at a bit. Honestly I’d only seen a dick other than my own on very very few occasions, so although he probably wasn’t all that big, it caught my attention and made me feel very embarrassed about my own body.

Then the worst thing that could have happened did happen… Leslie or whatever his name was called at me “what are you looking at?!” Then he called out to the rest of the class in the locker room, calling me a “fag”, a “pervert”, etc. until the coach came in and quieted it down.

I don’t know how it happened but the coach must have intervened because the next morning I was called into the school office to pick up an amended schedule… with P.E. now as 8th period. So my first high school communal shower was my last.

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