Kylie Minogue and an Icelandic Love Letter… with Deen Pontefract for Elska Magazine

Deen was one of the best guys I’d met at being able to evoke a particular mood. While nowadays for Elska, we are not encouraging subjects to evoke anything but themselves organically, this shoot with Deen done back before the start of Elska Magazine was rather deliberate.


With the Kylie Minogue song “Into the Blue” in my head (which should have been a huge hit but probably just wasn’t marketed well enough), we got to work on emoting the line “holding on so tight to everything I’ve left behind”. I built a story about a man leaving his partner with great reluctance. Very sure that the relationship had run its course, he knew that he had to leave, but every time he tried, he ended up staying.  And even when he did leave, he couldn’t let go emotionally.

What I was feeling was that sentiment of knowing you will always love someone even after you are no longer together, even years after. And that was the reason for the message scrawled on Deen’s chest. ‘Til eilifðdar’ is the Icelandic phrase for ‘forever’.
Why write it in Icelandic? I don’t know. It’s just what I was feeling at the time. Even a contrived shoot has some spontaneity.

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