Don’t Smile… with Tom Huet for Elska Magazine

I took this photo of Tom around eight months ago, and then didn’t see him again until I ran into him last Sunday at a coffee bar in Soho. Two days later I saw him in South Kensington playing a cello duet outside South Kensington tube station. In a city with a daytime population of ten million, is seeing this guy twice in the course of a few days some kind of example of fate?


Tom’s a performer, clearly. Seeing him playing in front of an audience was a treat since in front of the camera he’s a bit on the shy side. But he can be very photogenic, provided he’s serving moodiness. We tried doing some shots of him laughing and smiling, but it didn’t work. I even tried cracking jokes and then doing a quick snap to catch him in a natural smile, but it too didn’t work.  Not on film anyway.

Most of the pics are so pouty in fact that you totally want to reach through the screen and slap him. It’s no exaggeration – I’ve had people tell me this after looking at some of his pics. But in my books, wanting to slap someone for their looks is only ever a good thing, something that I hope would make Tom smile to hear.

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