Quick, before the glue sets… with Ramiro Lozano for Elska Magazine

I’ve always said that if I were rich I’d have fresh flowers at home all the time… but in Mexico City you don’t have to be rich. Flowers are cheap, even on a peso-based salary.

In the morning before my shoot with Ramiro Lozano, I went to Mexico City’s main flower market in the Jamaica district. I was amazed at its size, and the variety and affordability of flowers within. I bought roses, birds of paradise, plus plenty of flora that I didn’t know the names of. Later I shot Ramiro with these flowers walking around a residential neighbourhood just north of La Condesa. Saved for the end, and shot on the rooftop of my apartment, was a bag of rose petals I got for cheap at the market.


Sticking them to Ramiro’s body was a problem, and in retrospect I can think of loads of ways to do it without using glue… but alas on the day we used glue.

We carefully applied the petals and then shot as quick as possible before it would set too firmly. Then Ramiro went straight to the shower. I waited quite a while for him to come out, feeling more and more worried as each minute went by. Finally he came out and I could see bright red marks all over his chest from where he scrubbed to get the PVA off his skin. He didn’t complain at all though. “It was worth it”, he said. Good lad! What a professional!

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