Trying Not To Exclude… with Isaac D by Jono for Elska Magazine

Although the majority of the men pictured in each issue of Elska are from one particular city, we do always accept a couple of submissions from other photographers and artists around the world to introduce some other boys to the mix. When we first got this set of photos from LA photographer Jono, I was at first transfixed by the model Isaac Dawson’s stunningness, then by Jono’s beautiful composition, and then finally by a worry that Isaac was too fit for Elska.

But then I talked to Isaac (our conversation is included in the issue) and found that although he is a model, he is still a person with emotions, intellect and depth. While Elska is often lauded for its inclusion of “men who don’t look like porn stars”, we ultimately are for depicting all types of men, even those who do fit the current stereotype of male perfection. Many magazines do exclude, and to not include Isaac D would be exclusionary as well.

To see more of Jono’s editorial shoot of Isaac D, pick up Elska Issue (01) Lviv, available from select shops worldwide or for order online at


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