Welcome to Berlin: Elska Magazine Issue (01) Berlin Out Now!

I can’t tell you how happy I am to announce the release of Elska Magazine Issue (02), shot in Berlin, Germany. The two months we spent promoting the first issue (Lviv, Ukraine), was great, but it does tend to lag a bit toward the end, particularly after you’ve sent the new issue to the printers and can’t wait to get it on the shelves. But finally we are here.

Issue (02) is dedicated to Berlin, Europe’s craziest, coolest and gayest city. It’s also one of Europe’s most diverse places, beckoning immigrants since well before the wall came down. Of the fifteen Berliners included in this issue, only four are native Germans.


We meet Raphael K., this month’s cover boy, at the Berlin wall as well as nude amongst images of the Alexanderplatz TV tower; Emil T. at the former Templehof Airport; Diego S. at the site of a now destroyed Soviet military facility; Luca R. in the morning-after atmosphere outside the world-famous club Berghain; and more!

This issue also features work by Russian-born artist Fedya Ili of Falko D. wearing just his shoes with some shrubbery and a shopping trolley; and some polaroids by Montréal artist Jonathan Lemieux of his husband naked at home doing the beautifully mundane.

152 pages, full-colour, perfect bound, A5.

Pick up your copy at select cities around the world (check website for details) or subscribe for a full year of Elska: www.elskamagazine.com


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