(Criticism with a Delicate Tongue… with Falko D by Fedya Ili) 

Working in the arts can be very supportive world. Of course, you can’t escape the business side of things, cos we all have to eat, but it still feels a bit less cut-throat than other fields and I like to think that we can trust each other.

That being said, there are some rules for how to behave in the arts “industry”, particularly how to treat other artists. Networking is very important, so the rule is that you should support each other, give shout-outs, go to others’ events, and buy their stuff. It’s also good to give constructive criticism when it’s helpful, but with a very delicate tongue… we artists tend to be a sensitive bunch.

So I do my fair share of supporting my community, even when I’m not strictly a fan. And I’m sure there are loads who promote me and say lovely things about me when actually they think my work is shit. But sometimes in the process of blindly supporting anyone and everyone in your field, you find an artist who you truly adore. Fedya Ili is one of them.

Check out more of his work at

Fedya shot this series of pics with Falko D. in Berlin, so I thought it would be perfect to include in the new issue of Elska Magazine, which is dedicated to Berlin. While the flowerscape could be anywhere, there’s a real Berliny feel to it, the breezy, shamefree freedom you sense from this display of outdoor nudity. To be fair, it’s actually kind of hard not to spend much time in Berlin without getting naked. It’s one of the reasons why I like it.

See more of Fedya Ili’s shoot of Falko D and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (02) Berlin


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