(If you’re out there, get in touch… with Diego R)

Here’s a throwback from one of the first shoots I did. I had just arrived into LA and with the eight hour time difference from London, I was asleep by 8pm and then wide awake by 3am. With nothing to do, I put Grindr on and started chatting to Diego.

I asked if he was up for doing a few photos. I had no lighting equipment with me, and just a basic lens, but I felt in the mood. I’m not sure what reason he had for still being awake but he was bored or crazy enough to invite me over.

He was one of the most handsome bloke’s I’d seen in ages, especially in the flesh. And his home was so evocatively Latino-Catholic that in between pics of Diego I was snapping statues of Jesus, portraits of Mary and assorted crucifixes.

Next time I’m in LA, especially if we ever do an LA issue of Elska, I’d love to find Diego again and include him, but I don’t have his contact details. Diego – if you’re out there, get in touch.

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