(How to choose a cover boy… with Raphael K from Berlin)

I made a bit of a mistake with Issues (01) and (02) in that I paid no attention to trying to shoot a cover image. I just assumed that once all the shoots were done, one image would stand out and put itself forward as the cover pic.

For Issue (01), our Ukrainian adventure, that did sort of happen. Originally the cover was a topless pic of Sasha K, but that was eventually rejected for being too sexy. We later reverted to an image of a fully-clothed Sasha K standing in front of some “Fuck Off Putin” graffiti. Controversial? Yes, but that’s part of the attraction.

For Issue (02), our new Berlin edition, it was much more difficult. In the end I made seven covers, which I showed to friends and other artists. An informal vote then was done and the results gave it to Raphael K, our beardiest Berliner.

I’m not sure why he was chosen – perhaps a combination of his Berlin aesthetic as well as the fact that he was pictured in front of the Berlin wall. In any case, I’m going to try to take some intentional cover shots with each of the boys of Issue (03). I’ll probably still put some options up for vote, but this time the process should be a bit less fraught and hope-based.

See more of Raphael and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (02) Berlin


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