Somebody Said You Got a New Friend (TBT)… with Lucas V for Elska Magazine

As with Elska Magazine, where every shoot owes inspiration partly to a song (note the Elska Mixtape list of inspirations on the back page of every issue), music videos are also a big source of drive when photographing a subject.

My friend Lucas Voclère, who used to be an actor and model way back wanted to try a quick little shoot when he was at my place. I really don’t like to just shoot without some inspiration, and then I saw that Robyn’s ‘Body Talk’ was on the turntable at the moment. Without even putting the needle to the record, I started picturing the video clip of track two: “Dancing On My Own”. And that’s really all I needed for us to get started.

Start the video at 0:08 ( and you will see why I told Lucas to make these fists. Simple as that.

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