(A Rare Glimpse at the Photographer… with Angelica Fox, out of drag) 

I wish that i could be more confident, but something happened instantly at puberty that made me go totally shy. Before that point I was always posing for the camera. There’s even a picture of me at around age seven dressed in some form of drag with a mop-top as a wig, a colander on top as a hat, and my mother’s curling iron as a microphone. I was probably even singing Madonna into that mic when that image was taken.

Fast forward only a few years and you couldn’t get me in front of a camera no matter how much you begged. I haven’t changed. But sometimes there are little accidental shots of me, such as this one captured in a mirror during a shoot with Scotty, before he got into his drag persona, Angelica Fox. Admittedly it doesn’t reveal a lot, but if it did, I probably wouldn’t be posting it.

Written by Liam Campbell, chief photographer and editor of Elska Magazine.

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