(New York Weekend Without Setting Foot on Manhattan… with Kyle A)

I was taking a little holiday weekend in New York, with the personal challenge to do so without ever setting foot on Manhattan. I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t totally aware of Brooklyn’s hipster credo until seeing it poked fun of on the shitcom “2 Broke Girls” (by the way, I’m not calling it ‘shitcom’ cos I don’t like it… I rather love it).

Anyway, I remember one episode where Max and Caroline were swamped at the diner because an Arcade Fire concert just let out… and since that scene I’ve connected Williamsburg (a Brooklyn neighbourhood) with Arcade Fire (a Montréal band).

So when it came time to shoot Kyle Anderson during my non-Manhattan New York trip, I was listening to a lot of Arcade Fire for inspiration. What I ended up sticking on was the song “Reflektor”, particularly the lines “we fell in love when I was nineteen / and now we’re staring at a screen”.

It turned out that Kyle had been in a long-term long-distance relationship with a Scottish chap, and so naturally they spent a lot of on-screen time together. So the idea came that we would do the shoot at night only lit by the screens of computers, televisions, tablets or phones. And this picture is one of the results of that shoot.

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