(It’s Only Just the Beginning… with Raphael K from Berlin)

As we approach the end of 2015, it feels like I’ve been doing Elska for ages, but it’s only been a few months. Issue (01) Lviv dropped in September, followed by Issue (02) Berlin in November. Next week the third Elska edition will see the light when Issue (03) Reykjavík hits the shelves.

It’s a stressful thing quitting your job to start a new niche bookazine concept, particularly with little money in the bank and no external investment… but I love making Elska more than anything I’ve ever done. Whether it’s planning the next destination, meeting the boys, taking photographs, or even writing press releases, I truly enjoy all of it. But the business side is frightening to say the least and as much as I try my hand at marketing, PR, and sales, a lot of it is down to luck and hope.

Nevertheless I push on because of how much I love Elska. And I’m committed to continuing it not least because I have annual subscribers that I can’t let down. What’s more, I have flights booked for the next three issues already (I’m not telling you where they’ll be yet!). Certainly Issue (02) sold more than (01) and I have to hope that will continue for (03). I’m sure it will. It’s only just the beginning!

To find out more about Elska Magazine, to buy an issue or subscribe, see


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