Welcome to Issue (03) Reykjavík

The time is finally here for another issue, officially released today. Issue (03) is dedicated to Reykjavík, Iceland. A stunning and charming place, surrounded by some of the most eerily beautiful landscapes, the world’s most northerly capital is our setting for Elska’s third edition. It’s also a very special sort of homecoming for Elska – indeed the word ‘elska’ is Icelandic for ‘love’.


Inside you’ll meet fifteen local boys, all photographed in and around the city, both at home and in the great outdoors. And like the previous issue, the Reykjavík men are a diverse lot… Although all are Icelandic residents, we have expats from France, Belgium, Turkey and Brazil… so it’s not all blonds and gingers here (though we have those too!). Beyond the photographs, each and every subject submitted their own personal story, printed in their unedited original forms and followed by English translations. The combination of autobiographical stories and unairbrushed images makes this a particularly intimate issue.

In our Elska Dehors features, we also include work by two other photoartists from beyond Reykjavík. There’s a series from Rio de Janeiro by Lauro Justino as well as a set from Paris by  Pedro Ivan Serralva. And for those who want more, this issue is accompanied by four Elska Ekstra e-zines (available separately or free with a deluxe annual subscription). Issue (03) is an absolute essential for your Elska collection, and Reykjavík too should be on your travel bucket list. Velkominn!

To subscribe to Elska or buy individual issues, visit www.elskamagazine.com




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