(Elska’s Year Ahead… with a few street lads from Santa Teresa, Rio, for Elska Magazine)

Although the Elska year starts in September – that’s when Issue (01) Lviv came out – the new calendar year gets me thinking about the future and what’s in store for Elska.

Issue (03) Reykjavík just came out a few days ago and I can say that Issue (04) will be set in a rather warmer, more Mediterranean sort of place. For those of you who follow us on Twitter (@elska_magazine) and Instagram (elskamagazine), you’ll find out the location of Issue (04) in just a few weeks when we fly out there to start shooting.

As for Issue (05), the tickets are also booked and all I’ll reveal now is that it’s somewhere in Asia. In fact, the decision to choose that place was very spur of the moment. My friend Matt, who helped choose the location of Issue (01) and even went along with me for that first shoot week, also helped lead me to Issue (05)’s destination.

Matt is a travel nerd (like myself) and he’s very up on following sites such as the Polish deal-finder Such sites publish details of how to get insanely cheap flights. Sometimes they’re legitimate airline deals and other times they are so cheap that it seems more like some sort of accounting department mistake! In any case, my flight to Asia for the fifth issue is the result of him finding flights that cost me even less than my short hop to Reykjavík cost.

I’ve always wanted to go beyond Europe for Elska but just can’t afford it yet. Of course I hope that Elska’s readership continues to grow so I can expense a sweet flight to Tahiti for a future issue, but for now I’ll rely on Matt to send the deals my way. Incidentally he also found me a ridiculously cheap deal that will set the location for Issue (07).

By the way, he also found an amazing deal to Rio de Janeiro (where this picture was taken during one of my flight attendant layovers). Unfortunately the tickets were gone before I could book… but in the meantime, Brazil is featured in our Elska Dehors section of Issue (03) with a photoseries by Rio based photoartist Lauro Justino.

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