(Fjords, Coffee and a Bunny Bite… with Davið J from Reykjavík)

Davið J is the sweetest, gentlest, most hospitable guy… or shall I say “little blond girlieboy” as he refers to himself in the story he wrote for Issue (03). I was uncharacteristically late getting to his place for our shoot, having had to rush from the Friðrik Á shoot and then getting a bit lost en route even though their homes are just five minutes apart. Anyway, we had to get straight on the road since it was already afternoon and in November the sun already starts setting by 2:30pm.

We were planning to do some nude outdoor shots, so Davið chose Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord) as a location that would be suitably uncrowded. By the time we got there – it’s nearly an hour north of the city – the light was already getting difficult photographically speaking. So we ended up speeding through the shoot faster than anything I’d ever experienced. It was also unbelievably cold (and I was fully dressed)… between a round of maybe twenty snaps, Davið would head back to the car, which he left running with the heaters on full blast, to warm up before getting back outside.

When  it was over, he stopped for a fag near a restaurant signed “closed for the winter”. Outside was a large whale bone on display and several pictures of whale slaughters, which happen right at the end of this fjord. Imagine in the picture above when that blue water is reddened with blood. I can’t picture a more unDaviðy place than this…

Back in the city Davið invited Andriy and I inside for a bit. The guy’s got loads of pets including a cute bunny called Eydís. After a few animal cuddles, he put some coffee on. Maybe it was just the cold, but the coffee tasted especially sublime (a blend from Kaffitár I recall), and he served it with a load of biscuits (delicious), cinnamon buns (addictive) and chocolate-licorice sweets (I spat one into a napkin and hid it in my pocket – sorry Davið!). Then I dropped one of the biscuits on the carpet and before I could pick it up, Eydís bit me! Bad bunny!

I miss Davið. As is often the case with Elska, you meet these guys and form a connection in the process of shooting them, but there´s no time in shoot weeks to really hang out. It’s a bit sad but it gives me another reason to go back to Iceland, perhaps next time for a holiday, though one day I’d like to shoot there again too.

To see more of Davið J and to read his story, pick up Elska Magazine Issue (03) Reykjavík), available in shops worldwide or online. See


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