(You Really Can Meet the Elska Boys… with Gisli B from Reykjavík)

Reykjavík is pretty typical in that it’s got all the arts, culture, nightlife, and shopping you’d expect from a capital city. But it’s all packed into an area much smaller than most capitals. And that’s one of the things I love about it – there’s everything you need to not get bored yet you also have room to breathe.

​So what’s the downside of living in a city of just 120,000 people (in a country of 323,000)? Well, it may not be a downside at all depending on your perspective, but there’s certainly a lack of anonymity. Your reputation will follow you, so you better be good! And whoever you date has probably already dated one of your exes so they already know what to expect from you in bed! So again, you better be good!

This is a place where everybody knows everybody, especially in the little tiny gay community, and quickly everybody will know you. Even before I shot Gisli B (pictured here), I’d seen him behind the bar in a well-known café (I won’t tell you which one haha). I’d also ran into Haukur G and Friðrik Á during Elska’s Reykjavík shoot week. And if I’d had the time to go out on Friday night, I’d probably have seen others too.

And that leads me to what makes this issue one of the most intimate of all… it’s that you’re actually pretty likely to run into one of the fifteen guys featured in this issue. And even if you don’t meet them in the flesh, just turn on Grindr or Planet Romeo and you’ll see a few there. So if you’re an Elska fan who really wants to get to know these boys, Reykjavík is where you need to head. Oh, and if you want to do things the truly Elska way, then stay where Andriy and I stayed – Room With a View!

See more of Gisli and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (03) Reykjavík


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