(Elderly Pursuits, Sunday Morning Reykjavík… with Kolbeinn H)

I have to applaud the guys from the Reykjavík issue for being so willing to be photographed out the cold. Even with my coat, hat and gloves, I was feeling the freeze, but these guys were often wearing less, if anything at all. But special props go to Kolbeinn H, who we shot at Reykjavíkurhöfn (the harbour) on a Sunday morning. It’s not just because of the cold that he deserves credit (it was maybe 2 degrees that morning), but because we seemed to have a constant audience ogling at him. 

Being a Sunday, there weren’t too many port workers around, but instead there was a constant stream of elderly couples slowly cruising around in their cars. As they’d approach, they’d slow down to a crawl, Mr and Mrs both crooking their heads out to see what was going on. And somehow Kolbeinn paid no mind. Maybe he’s used to people staring at him!

I suppose in the summer, the more popular elderly pursuit would be to take a stroll along the shore, but in winter they still want to go out but with a bit more warmth. I imagine they’d follow this driving ritual with a trip to a local swimming pool where they’d follow a few laps with a soak in a steamy hot tub, playing a game of chess on a floating chessboard while the snow falls gently on their shoulders. Then they’d head to a bakery for vínarbrauð (Danishes) to have with afternoon coffee. Bliss.

Hmm, thinking of retirement already…

See more of Kolbeinn and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (03) Reykjavík


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