(When Someone Will Go.. with ÓLAFUR H from Reykjavík)

It was a cold evening and Andriy and I were tired from the three hour each-way drive we did that morning to Vík and Seljavallalaug in South Iceland to shoot Sindri M. Luckily Ólaf lives right in the centre of Reykjavík, a stone’s throw from Hallgrimskirkja (Reykjavík’s famous pointy-roofed church). Even more lucky for us was that we were greeted by Ólaf to the sound of a popping cork. A drink was well-needed and well-deserved after the long day. 

​​Normally we get to shooting pretty quickish, but it was nice to relax and chat first… and Ólaf’s a guy with loads of stories to tell. The one he submitted to Elska, by the way, is the longest we’ve ever published, but ever word is gold. I suppose being that Ólaf’s the oldest guy we’d featured so far, he has more to tell than the average 20 year old. But still, not every 54 year old’s gone through such a life, which in his Elska story got split into three chapters: “Straight”, “Bi”, and “Gay”. 

One of the most touching subjects of his life is about his husband who tragically passed away in 2012. As I sat on his sofa, the picture of his husband was directly on the wall opposite. All the while as Ólaf told his stories, I was looking into the kind eyes and handsome face in that portrait. As I stared, I was filled with sadness and shame, for I realised how jaded I’ve become, how much I take people for granted, how much I should cherish those special and beautiful people in my life. You never know when someone will go away.

See more of Ólaf and read his story in Elska Ekstra 3.5


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