(From Sofa to Bed… with SIGURÐUR H from Reykjavík)

Sigurður was the twentieth lad we shot in Reykjavík shoot week, and when we met it was toward the end of a long day of indoor and outdoor sessions. But his arrival sort of revived me. 

First Andriy put on a pot of coffee, using a gorgeous blend from Te og Kaffi (I’m not putting the link as an advert but because I genuinely love this company, and one of other boys from this issue also happens to work for them). Then as we drank Andriy set up the lights and Sigurður and I went into the bedroom to look through the suitcase of clothing that he tipped onto the bed.

Sigurður is a well-known Reykjavík drag queen but specifically didn’t want to do the shoot in drag. Nonetheless, out of his case fell two pairs of high heeled shoes. I suppose that’s not a drag thing, just a fabulousness thing. 

I was knackered and the room was uninspiring, so I decided to just shoot him plainly with a sofabed as a prop. He’d be photographed in the different stages of the furniture’s transition from sofa to bed, as a sort of literal representation of a man’s transformation to drag queen. 

At some point we ran out of clothes and I joked that he should do some naked. There really was no intention to do nudes with him (honestly the previous Berlin issue had so many naked pics that I wanted to tone it down a bit for Reykjavík), so I think I asked more just cos I wanted to get him naked. And well, he did get naked. But fortunately Andriy’s job as photographic assistant was also transformed into chaperone, ensuring that I didn’t molest my model. One must always stay professional!

See more of Siggi and read his story in Elska Ekstra 3.6


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