(Next Time in Akureyri… with Oddur T from Reykjavík)

So as is the remit for Elska, all the guys we shoot for each issue live in the city of the issue. That is, aside from the “Elska Dehors” series, where other photographers from around the world submit their works and stories for us. But beyond those special features, all the guys are local. That’s the point, right? It’s what it says on the tin… “local boys, local stories”.

But sometimes we bend the rules a bit. In Issue (01) Lviv there was Ivan T who’d come up to Lviv for the day on the train from Uzhhorod… but in fairness Andriy never told me that he came from so far. I only realised when I met him that he wasn’t a Leopolitan. Then in Issue (02) Berlin we had Diego S, who is planning to move to Berlin but at the moment works way out in Hamburg and just spends the weekends in Berlin. And then finally with Issue (03) Reykjavík, our odd-man-out was Oddur T, a Reykjavík born chap who now lives in Akureyri. He drove down on the last day of shoot week to meet us, a long drive that was six hours but can be longer when there’s snow. 

Akureyri is Iceland’s second city and largest town outside of the capital region, but at 18,000 it’s hardly a metropolis. I’m drawn to the place. As if Reykjavík itself wasn’t exotic enough, there’s something even more exotic about the far north. And I hate the idea that after only three issues, I’ve already ticked Reykjavík off the list of Elska destinations. I’d love to do Iceland again, but where else is there? The obvious answer is Akureyri. And obviously there’s Oddur, but are there enough other local northern lads to do an issue? It will be a challenge but it will be done. Not this year. But one day.

See more of Oddur T and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (03) Reykjavík


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