(A Last Minute Addition… with Glenn W from Reykjavík)

Glenn W wasn’t part of the plan for the Reykjavík issue. We were supposed to shoot his boyfriend, Troy, but he wasn’t able to. Then he rescheduled, but sort of chickened out. Honestly I was a bit pissed off, but then suddenly he said “maybe you can shoot my boyfriend instead”… and that boyfriend was Glenn. 

​​I’d planned to shoot Troy outside by Tjörnin but Glenn wanted to stay indoors. So when I went to his home I had no plan in mind for a story, no ideas. But sometimes this isn’t such a bad thing. I looked around their apartment, searching for places and objects that inspired while Troy took on the job as stylist, going through the wardrobe choosing outfits for Glenn. 

And then we began. Troy sat on the sofa watching Katy Perry videos while I shoved Glenn into the larder, instructing him to pull down the curtain. I loved these shots but my assistant Andriy just called them “weird”. Whatever – you can see them and decide for youself in the issue and in Glenn’s Elska Ekstra e-zine. Then I had him walk all over the sofa (but these pics came out too bright). Then we played with a chandelier. Then we were in the bedroom, then in the bathroom for mirror pics, and then that was it.

It went pretty quickly and I can’t say I got to know who Glenn was. Being so last minute, there was no opportunity to build much rapport, so I was a bit surprised when Glenn’s personality revealed itself in the stories he submitted to Elska. Just from these stories I fell in love with this guy, especially after reading his Elska Ekstra story. I still wish I’d had Troy for the issue, and a series at beautiful Tjörnin… but then I’d not have had Glenn W. So not such a bad result in the end. 

See more of Glenn and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (03) Reykjavík


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