(“Should I take my nipple rings out?”… with Miguel G from Lisbon)

It’s really common when we start chatting to a potential Elska boy that he says something like “oh I’m really not good looking enough” or “I don’t have many muscles”. I have to reassure them that they’re fine as they are, that we’re not looking for “perfect” guys, whatever that means. Invariably, if he accepts, he’ll still add something like “ok, but I’m gonna work out a lot before we meet.” That’s fine, if it helps give you the confidence to pose for the camera.

But even with a guy who looks as “perfect” as Miguel G, I was surprised when before we met he had some similar issues to bring to my attention. We always ask each guy his preference of outdoor or indoor, clothed or nude; when my Lisbon assistant Andriy asked him, he said he was happy to do nude but that his dick was pretty small and maybe it was a problem for Elska. OMG of course it doesn’t matter. I love small cocks. LOL. 

Then when he arrived and was undressing he asked me “should I take my nipple rings out?" I thought for a moment… I mean, personally I’m not into nipple piercings, but the shoot is about him and about who he is, not about what I fancy.  And that’s when I realised something about Miguel G. He dick confession wasn’t him lacking confidence but just his way of asking if he was right for Elska. 

It doesn’t matter how big your dick is, how many muscles you have, if you’re 22 or 52… anyone can be in Elska, including super hot hairy Latin guys with small cocks and nipple piercings. Just be confident, and if you’re not, I’ve been told that doing a photoshoot can do wonders for your self-esteem.

See more of Miguel G and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (04) Lisbon


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