(I Only Have Black and Grey… with Pedro C from Lisbon)

I hate getting my picture taken. It’s actually the most terrible thing in the world for me to be photographed. I don’t even like mirrors for f*ck’s sake. So I wasn’t too excited when, just as we finished the shoot with Pedro C, he got out his camera and asked to take my picture.

​​What happened next was the most awkward scene from me – “I don’t know what to do”, "where am I supposed to go?“, "should I take my glasses off?”, “what should I do with my face?”…

It’s actually pretty common that someone usually behind the camera is rubbish at being in front of it. Pedro is a photographer himself (check his stuff out at His photo shoot was one of the most difficult actually. I took 741 images in all, and most had the same expression, one that I’d describe as “reluctant and awkward”. The one here is not one of those!
As with all outdoor shoots, I ask the guys to bring about six ‘looks’. Although it’s not fashion photography, I like there to be some variety in the pics beyond background and expression. Plus it gives a fuller view of the guy’s personal style. With Pedro, when I asked, he said that he couldn’t really bring 6 looks – “I only have black and grey”, he said, “and maybe one navy shirt”. “And everything I own is Fred Perry.”  Fair enough. 

So we did this shoot on a roundabout – kinda not the picturesque postcardy scene you expect of a Lisbon photoset, but this is Lisbon too, albeit a bit duller than usual. And he had clothes in all the same colour. And he had the same expression almost everywhere… but you know what – that’s Pedro. And that’s the goal here in Elska – to show the real boy, not some avant garde fantasy version of him. In the end I think the awkwardness made me like Pedro more. He’s damn sexy, and his bits of grey hair go so well with his grey wardrobe. And what’s more sexy than a guy so ‘un-vain’ that he doesn’t know how to pose for a camera? Oh Pedro…

See more of the lovely Pedro C and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (04) Lisbon


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