(Jealousy… with Adrian L by Elías Barajas)

A bit over a year ago I went to Mexico City, or D.F. as it’s known there. I don’t really know why, but I felt like I needed to see another side of Mexico. Until then I’d only ever been on a day trip to Tijuana, hardly a good example of true Mexico. Though I suppose, like any capital city, D.F. isn’t exactly Mexico either.

I didn’t go there for a holiday but to do a bunch of photoshoots of local guys, part of an effort to build a fashion portfolio. Eventually after a few professional experiences in the fashion industry, I realised it wasn’t the right landscape for me, so I changed tact. The experiences in D.F., however were still important steps on the road to Elska.

One of the guys I shot in D.F. was originally from Zacatecas, and was mutual Facebook friends with a Zacatecas based photographer, Elías Barajas. We ended up starting a chat and it got a bit flirty I suppose. I never met the guy in person so it was hard to judge what was sarcastic and what was not, but when he asked me to move to Mexico and marry him, it seemed pretty genuine. And although I didn’t take it seriously, it was one of those things you put in your back pocket…

Then, you know, time passed, and we fell out of touch. Our wedding never happened. Then suddenly a few months ago I got back in touch and he now had a boyfriend and offered to submit some pictures of him for Elska.  That boyfriend was Adrian L., and his photoset is featured in the new Lisbon issue. 
When I saw the images, I was instantly filled with jealousy, not only because Elías is a damn good photographer but also because Adrian L was pretty damn gorgeous. And he took away the man who was supposed to be my new Mexican husband. But after reading Adrian’s story in the issue, I couldn’t hold it against him. I’m happy for them both and they make an absolutely beautiful couple.

See more of Adrian L and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (04) Lisbon


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