(Images from a Taiwan fanboy… with Stanza T from Taiwan)

Occasionally I’ll receive an email out of the blue from someone who’s heard about or reads Elska. In the email there’ll be a bunch of self-portraits attached and a short message saying that they’d love to be in Elska if I ever come to their city. These are always a pleasure to see, although the recent email from a 19-year-old chap in the Netherlands at first seemed rather cute and then went very porny. At the top of the message there were pics of him holding a catch after a fishing trip, another of him on holiday wearing a cowboy hat, and another smiling in front of a big TV. Then I scrolled to the bottom and there was an ecstatic face and a splooging dick. I nearly spat out my tea – not that it wasn’t a fine specimen, but just not what I was expecting.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the latest images from Stanza T, an Elska fanboy in Taiwan. You can see him reading Issue (04) Lisbon, specifically the Quentin V editorial by Anton Shebetko, and in the background you can see Issue (03) Reykjavík.  Of course there’s also the splendid sun-burst windows and his rather lovely bum. Thank you Stanza, and keep them coming. 

And if any of you other Elska fanboys want to send some selfies as you read your Elska, you’re most welcome. Contact details on the website, 


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