Seven Months in Bangkok… with Quentin V by Anton Shebetko

Anton Shebetko, the photographer of one of the Elska Dehors series from the Elska Lisbon issue spent seven months living in Bangkok. While he was there he met various other travellers and expats who he photographed, chronicling his time there and keeping a sort of photographic record of it. His shoot of Quentin V was one of those.

The idea of living abroad for several months has always appealed to me, and Bangkok especially. Yes, it’s extremely hot and humid (which I despise), but it’s also a cheap place to live, while still modern and connected to the world. I suppose in a way what Anton did is what I do with Elska, but on just a different time scale. Rather than several months in one place, I just spend a week, though I’m trying to spend more time as budget allows. 

Since I started Elska, I’ve met more and more people who have this gypsy lifestyle. A lot of them are artists. Travel and exposure to other cultures gives a lot of inspiration, something I really discovered during my time working as a flight attendant. The more and more places I went, the more my appetite for travel increased, and the more I wanted to spend more than the one or two nights allocated for our layovers. In each city we stopped in, I’d find a local guy and photograph him. Eventually I wanted to make this travel-meet-photograph pattern the job itself, which is why I left the airline and started Elska. I really love it and am determined to continue it for years to come.

See more of Quentin V in Elska Magazine Issue (04) Lisbon


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