(Small World London… with Ricardo V from Lisbon)

It was one week after returning from Lisbon. I was deep in the job of processing photos, laying out the magazine, and trying to get the texts together for the upcoming Issue (04). I tend not to work well from home so I usually go to a café to work, preferring the light buzz of others around me to the silent lull of home. On this particular day I had just parked my bike and was heading to a Prêt à Manger on The Strand to work. Yes, I know it’s not the coolest place but the filter coffee is just 99p, the wifi is free, and the tables are big – also I don’t feel guilty about using the resources of such a mega-corporation in exchange for said ninety-nine pence.

Anyway, I started to cross the road and I noticed a lad walking with a suitcase dragging alongside him. At first it was the case I noticed (I wanted it!) and then it was the boy… it was Ricardo V, who just one week ago that very day I was shooting in Lisbon.

I called his name. No response. Maybe it was some other Latin boy. I called again. This time he turned around. What a surprise! I never thought such a big city like London could yield such coincidences. He’d come here just the day before for a job interview and was on his way to the airport to go home. He had a little time, however, so we both went into the Prêt and sat down for a chat.
First on the agenda was that he hadn’t sent in his text yet and the deadline was looming. He promised to do it that very day, on his plane ride home. 

If you pick up Issue (04) you’ll see that he didn’t write it by the time I had to send the issue to the printers, which is why his text is a story written by me about meeting him in Lisbon. However, eventually he did send it, and you can find that in his Elska Ekstra. It’s hard to be annoyed at him though, for he’s so sweet and charming. Perhaps I’ll see him again, maybe bumping into him in Taipei as I shoot for Issue (05). You never know!


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