Today marks the release of the latest edition of Elska: Issue (05) Taipei.

It’s our first issue to venture outside Europe, going all the way to what’s fast becoming known as Asia’s gay capital: Taipei, Taiwan. Inside you’ll meet sixteen local boys, all residents of Taiwan’s capital city, shot in the city and in their homes. Plus you’ll meet two boys from our Elska Dehors series, one in Rotterdam shot by Paul Sixta; and one in Paris shot by Jean-Baptiste Huong. 

As usual, the photoseries of all the lads are accompanied by personal stories, published in their original languages and accompanied by English translations. This issue includes pieces in Mandarin, English, French, and Tagalog. It was a big challenge to translate, I must say!

What was easy, however, was finding our models – this was the first time we had to actually turn people away, and I ended up doing more shoots than I could use. That means you’ll need to pick up the Taipei series of Elska Ekstra e-zines to get the bigger picture. It also means that I had to make this issue bigger than ever before, but the price remains the same. 

Head on over to the main site,, to get your copy or to subscribe to a year of Elska. Xièx xie (that’s ‘thank you’ in Chinese!).




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