(I Don’t Have Any Sugar… with Walter J from Taipei)

I hate guessing games. “Guess how old I am” is probably the worst one. “I don’t know. Just tell me” is my standard response. With Walter J, right in the middle of our shoot at home, as he was changing his hairstyle from floppy blond bob to slicked back Tilda Swinton do, he said “guess how many guys I’ve slept with.”

I didn’t know what the point of his question was. Is it that he wanted me to guess a high number ‘cos he was proud of his conquests? Or should I choose a low number to show that I didn’t think he was a slut? I tried to get out of it but he insisted. “Fourteen”, I said.

“Zero” was his response, which he said with pride. He then went into a lament about how he was so ready to get laid. The problem was that he had a very particular type, one that was hard to find in Taipei. Namely it was white twinks. Now you don’t see a lot of white guys walking around Taipei anyway – but how many of them are young, skinny, and gay? Oh and actually they probably need to look like Eddie Redmayne too. Tricky!

As if to declare that he was ready to lower his standards, he said he might like to try a sugar daddy. He’d be really nervous, he added, but it could be good to just get it over with. I wasn’t sure if that was an invitation, so I just told him that I don’t have any sugar. But I did have a bit of advice. I mean, I don’t really think it’s my place to interfere, but I told him that getting it over with wasn’t such a bad idea. “Your first time probably won’t be great anyway, and the more you build it up, the more disappointed you’ll be." 

My first time was awful, and so was my second first time, and the third for that matter. But those stories are for another time. All I know is that even if he did want me to be that sugar(less) daddy, the thought of being the man tied to someone’s "horrible first time” is not attractive. Virgins are not for me.

See more of Walter J and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (05) Taipei


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