(Everybody Loves Toto… with Toto S from Taipei)

I honestly can’t remember where I found Toto S, except that he came as a recommendation, something like “have you talked to Toto?” or “do you know Toto?”  I hadn’t and I didn’t, but after booking a stay at Three Little Birds, I noticed that the confirmation email was signed by a guy called Toto. I mean, how many Totos can there be? So I did a little Facebook stalking, and after seeing all his Taipei Pride pics, I figured he was the one everyone was talking about. Naturally I asked if he’d like to be part of the Elska Taipei issue and he was happy to join.

After that point I started getting messages like “I heard you’re going to shoot Toto” or “Is it true that Toto is going to be involved?” It seemed that everybody loves Toto, and after I met him I could see why. He’s the sort of effervescent type, always with the most positive attitude. Even early in the morning when you’re cranky and need your coffee, his smile can slap the funk off your face.

He’s probably the best reason to stay at Three Little Birds, but even if you don’t, you’re likely to see him on the scene. He’s probably the best guy to know if you’re going to Taipei. He knows everything and everyone, and like I said, everybody loves him, including me!

See more of Toto S and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (05) Taipei


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