(Tall Guys – a first date story… with Adrien M by Paul Sixta)

Picture it, Sicily, 1928… wait, that’s not it. It was Chicago, I was 17, and I’d been chatting online to an older guy (he was 21). These were the days when the internet was slow so there was no expansive social media profile to look at let alone an exchange of pics or video chat. Our choice to meet was based only on a personality connection – the physical side was a total risk.

We met at a coffee place in the Wicker Park neighbourhood. Whatever we had in common that brought us together evaporated instantly when I saw him – he was a giraffe to my badger, a towering 6’4 (193cm) to my 5’7 (170cm). It reminded me of my first time in Rotterdam (where this pic was of Adrien M was shot) – I felt like a mouse about to get stomped on (sorry for all the animal imagery).

He was also lankily lean with crystal blue eyes and a close cropped head of light blond hair. He looked sort of like a Marine, but one who’d not yet seen war.  I felt just so small and I was  intimidated into near silence. Thus the date was awkward, but somehow he called and asked me out again.

Our second date was planned for a late Friday night, and since it would have been too late for me to get home by train afterwards, he’d arranged for his college dorm-mate to move out for the night so I could have his bed. Only the second date and I’d be sharing a bedroom? Date One couldn’t have been so bad after all.

Anyway, Date Two started in disaster. He took me to a cinema night that served alcohol. I think it was called “Brew & View” and I remember it was on Sheffield Avenue. But since I was 17 and didn’t have a fake ID, I couldn’t get in, regardless of whether I’d be having beer or Pepsi. So instead we walked down to Ann Sather and had a long breakfast at night. Conversation was a bit easier, but I was still intimidated and also embarrassed that my age ruined our plans. I thought he’d leave me there to find my way home alone, but we went back to his dorm.

I took the bunk on top and he had his usual bunk below. The lights went out and we went to sleep. Or rather I couldn’t sleep, wondering if maybe I should climb down and crawl into bed with him. Perhaps it was a bit of bravery or just the realisation that I’d never get to sleep unless I tried… so I did climb down. As quietly and surreptitiously as possible, I lifted the sheets and spooned up to him. He was awake. We kissed. We got down to it, and even with the vast difference in height, 69 worked surprisingly well. After we came, I laid with him for a while, and when he fell asleep, I went back to the top bunk. And I slept really well.

See more of Adrien M and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (05) Taipei

And see more from Paul Sixta here:


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