(Sometimes I’m Just in a Photographing Mood… with James B)

Sometimes guys in London will ask if I’m up for a photoshoot, and usually I decline, saying that I only shoot for the magazine in whatever city its issue is in. Of course if it’s a paid job, I’m not going to turn down £€$ no matter what it’s for, but those don’t come around often enough. However, on the morning I met James B, I’d received three requests from guys and all were amazingly from London – one found me on Instagram, one found me from the magazine itself, and one found me from I don’t know where. But on this day, instead of declining, I offered to shoot them. Sometimes I’m just in a photographing mood!

The Instagram boy was keen, but then he relented, saying his boyfriend would be too jealous. The magazine boy was too much of a diva, expecting me to hire a studio and stylist out of my pocket because I should be so lucky to photograph him. Whatever. And the third boy was James B. He was up for whatever, except full nudity, and he was just a ten minute cycle ride from my flat. I could work with that!

So I went over to his place. He seemed a little uncomfortable with me, like he couldn’t wait for me to leave, because he didn’t even offer me a cup of tea. But maybe it’s ‘cos he was nervous – he seemed to alternate between awkward poses and thought-out poses. In the end we got some good shots, and although I can’t use the pics for the magazine (there’s no London issue planned), at least I can stick them on the blog, on Instagram, on twitter, etc. Plus it’s always good to get the camera out of the drawer and use it in my own city for a change. 

Read and see more in Elska Magazine


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