(My Istanbul Crush… with Mert E)

Like Taras D from Issue (01) Lviv, Luca T from Issue (02) Berlin, Lionel C from Issue (03) Reykjavík, Matheus G from Issue (04) Lisbon, and Austin W from Issue (05) Taipei, every issue so far has left me crushing on one particular Elska boy. In Istanbul it was Mert E.

There’s a lot of mystery behind what drives attraction. As much as I’ve tried to analyse it, the reasons are always different and most accurately defined for me as some sort of indescribable feeling or sense. The only thing in common with all my Elska crushes was that they shared a sort of gentle quality… so perhaps that’s my trigger. Mert was certainly gentle, easy-going, unassuming, and pleasant. While that might not sound very exciting, it excites me. I suppose also, like Luca T, he has a really, really lovely arse. It was a struggle not to reach over and touch it! But I’m a professional!

I suppose the biggest difference between Mert and my other Elska crushes was that he was the youngest. Although I didn’t try it on with any of these guys, the age difference between Mert and me made me uncomfortable. I wanted to ask him out for a tea and cake (my favourite café in Istanbul, Fil, was a short walk from the hotel, SuB Karaköy), but I chickened out. I felt like people might think we looked weird together. But that’s my problem, I know! 

Anyway, Mert, I hereby invite you out for a friendly drink if I’m ever back in Istanbul. And the same goes to the other crushes, except for one who will remain nameless – he effing pissed me off!

See more of Mert E and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (06) Istanbul


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