(Announcing New Elska Collectible Cards)

To honour the end of the first year of Elska, we’ve put together a 21-piece set of collectible 5×7 (A6) photo-postcards. Each is dedicated to one Elska boy from the first six issues of Elska. Stick them on your fridge, frame them, use them as bookmarks, coasters, or whatever.

From now on, every single issue of Elska Magazine will include one Elska Card randomly inserted between its pages. Collect them all, buy the whole 21-card set for just £7.50 (plus shipping), or get a deluxe subscription and receive the set as your free gift!

The Elska year one Card set includes…

from (01) Lviv: Sasha K, Eugen K, Marko K

from (02) Berlin: Diego S, Raphael K, Emil T

from (03) Reykjavík: Friðrik Á, Kyle B, Jono D, Haukur G

from (04) Lisbon: Julien P, Daniel T, Matheus G

from (05) Taipei: Gemi Sakinu Z, Temelalj C, Walter J, Owen C

from (06) Istanbul: Yuchi P, Efe B, Ekin K, Can A

Buy the card set:


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