(A Fashionable Skin Condition… with Luke K by luke kurtis)

Have you noticed how one particular skin condition has become rather fashionable? I’m talking about vitiligo, which causes pale, white patches on the skin due to a lack of melanin. It’s the same condition that Michael Jackson had, which he covered up by bleaching the rest of his skin white to match the patches. It’s also the same condition recently made pratically trendy by model Winnie Harlow, who rather than cover it up, carries herself proudly. However undeniably beautiful she is, it must have taken a lot of courage to step out into the very public gaze the way that she has.  ​​SMLXL But what about other skin conditions? Are some skin problems uglier or prettier than others?  When luke kurtis first sent his submission of self-portraits, I at first didn’t notice his psoriasis, but as I scanned through his collection, it caught me more and more. Like vitiligo, it also causes patches, but rather than white, they are red and dry. Here he was, exposing himself fully, and he was beautiful.

But try to imagine him with his clothes on. Imagine you meet this charming, handsome man in a bar, take him home, get intimate and then see his skin. Would you be instantly turned off? Quite a few people are, he told me, and that’s kind of the idea that attracted me to his images. There is no hiding. Everything is there to see, “flaws” and all, so you can make your instant judgment. If you’re cool with it, step forward; if you’re curious, ask him about it; if it disgusts you, then bugger off. 

See more of Luke K and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (06) Istanbul


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