(Being Bored, Being Boring…with Bruce B from Cardiff)

I don’t remember how I found Bruce. My inkling is that he responded to a post I put up on social media looking for Elska boys. What I do remember was that he was one of the most keen to participate, having sent in his story and locked in a shoot date and time a whole month in advance. He told me he’d done some life modelling recently and was quite open to nudity, so it was definitely the indoor nude shoot he wanted to do. No problem with me. After all, how many other mags feature a male nude anywhere over the age of perhaps forty?!

I met Bruce at Llanbradach station, in a valley town half an hour from Cardiff. He picked me and my assistant up in the car and took us home. He apologised instantly for his house, which to me was quite a lovely, well-kept bungalow; but which to him wasn’t a place he was proud of. He didn’t really go into detail, but he mentioned once having quite a lot of money and somehow losing it. I guess he used to have a much grander home, but in any case compared to my flat in London, it was impressive enough!

Bruce B, at 75, is the oldest guy we’ve shot so far for Elska. And I got a feeling from spending time with him that he’s the kind of guy I’d be at that age, ‘cos he’s not really ever going to be ready to stop. Retirement? What’s that?! Yes, I think he did officially retire, but it wasn’t long until he got bored and took on a job as a personal trainer. Then it wasn’t long after that ’til he started to get into all sorts of hobbies, such a getting naked in the name of art. Perhaps some people look forward to sitting at home to knit jumpers and watch daytime TV, and even I do a bit. But I know that in reality I’d get bored fast. I could feel the energy from Bruce, like he was bursting to do more and more and more. That’s how I want to be. There’s nothing worse than being bored, or than being boring. And Bruce is far from either of those things.

See more of Bruce and read his story in Elska Magazine Issue (07) Cardiff


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