(Cutting is the Worst… with John H)

One of the worst jobs of editing Elska is having to cut guys from the issues. It’s been a necessity in every issue so far.  In Issue (01) Lviv, two boys were cut. The images sort of lacked character, a result of having only met these guys via Grindr just hours before shooting, with no time even for conversation. Lesson learned. Or rather, that mistake was made again for Issue (02) Berlin, where another last minute addition also resulted in dead-looking photos. Lesson definitely learned now. 

​Guys have also been cut because they never submitted a story. We’ve tried to get guys to submit stories before the shoot, but it’s not as easy as it sounds and lots are reluctant to put in the work of writing before meeting us. Lisbon and Istanbul were particularly difficult in this regard, but Taipei and Cardiff were easy. In Cardiff, more than half submitted before the shoot, and all did eventually.

The problem with Issue (07) was that I still needed to cut someone because there just wasn’t enough space in the issue. The first decision was to put ‘Elska Dehors’ on hiatus to make room. Next we added pages to make this the biggest issue so far. But still I needed to cut someone else, and unfortunately it was John H.

The reason was simply because his story was the last one to be submitted. Perhaps not fair but I didn’t know a fairer way to do it. And since none of the Cardiff boys pissed me off with diva attitudes (Lisbon – I’m thinking of you), I had to cut a genuinely nice, interesting, and cute guy. At least I put him and his story in Elska Ekstra if you’d like to check him out. And if you’re ever in Cardiff, I’m sure you might see John around, either at work in the St David’s Centre (I won’t be more specific than that) or online.

See more of John H in Elska Ekstra (7.1):


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