(Contracts… with Anon from Taipei)

In case you’re wondering, every guy in Elska signs a sort of contract called a ‘Model Release Form’. It states what the pics are for and our rights. It has happened a few times that guys did a photoshoot and then changed their mind about being published. This contract means they can’t change their mind later. The first issue yielded two of these – but it had already gone to the printers and was too late to cut them even if I wanted to.

From Taipei there was another who changed his mind. He was a sweet guy, and even invited my assistant Roman and I over to his place after our shoot to hang out. He just got cold feet, so when later he asked to not be printed, I humoured him. Yes, it is a lot of work to shoot someone and edit their photos only to later not use them, but in this case the Taipei issue was already too big and I needed to make some cuts. He made the decision easy for me. 

And since this image doesn’t reveal his identity, you get a little clue or who may have been one more in the Taipei issue. 

Well you can’t see this guy but you can see loads more of the Taipei boys and read their stories in Elska Magazine issue (05) Taipei (Taiwan):


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